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Herbal steams have been used to detoxify, de-stress and add vibrance and youth to complexions for ages. This steam bath is especially effective for relieving the symptoms of common cold and sinus problems. Feeling stuffy or sick? These decongestive herbs will help take the edge off, clear sinus congestion and calm that stuffy head in moments.

Only the freshest, organic herbal botanicals have been selected for this powerfully soothing-makes-ya-feel-a-whole-lot -better-sinus steam!

Eucalyptus is essential in the relief of many respiratory ailments with its warming and drying properties and strong decongestive action. This herb also helps reduce fevers and reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract, Eucalyptus also helps fight infections and stimulates the nervous system to help you focus and to combat fatigue. Juniper is also added for its action to clear stuffiness and congestion. Sage leaf helps soothe nasal passageways, throat and lungs and thins mucus, making it easier to expectorate. Thyme is one of the very best herbs used to combat cough and the common cold. With it's antibacterial properties, thyme helps prevent and fight infections in the sinuses, lungs and throat. Relief from nasal congestion and tension caused by the common cold is just a few breaths away with this healing therapeutic steam. Make sure and have this steam on hand to use at the very first sign of the sniffles to help shorten the duration and severity of the common cold.

Directions: Heat approximately 4 cups of preferably filtered water to almost a boil. Add a small handful of Herbal Facial Steam herbs to a glass bowl and add heated water. Place your face at least 10 inches above bowl and drape a towel over your head to trap the steam and let the detoxifying effects begin. If you find the temperature to be too hot for your liking, lift head until you reach a comfortable distance. Remember to be close enough that the steam comes in contact with your face, but not so close as to cause discomfort or burn your precious facial skin. Use this steam as often as you need sinus or cold relief.

Enjoy!!! Please message me with any questions or custom orders :)

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